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Steve Lafferty:
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Protecting Our Environment

Since my election, I have been one of the House’s leading environmental advocates. I have been recognized as a Legislative Champion by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and a Green Champion by the Maryland League of Conservation Voters. I led efforts to

  • reduce harmful pollution, including stormwater run-off, to the Bay and waters in our state
  • expand and increase the oyster population prevent the loss of farms and forests to development
  • protect our children from lead in school drinking water
  • protect bees and other pollinators
  • expand recycling
  • and, preserve trees and forests.

I have worked to increase clean energy, eliminate fracking, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase enforcement of environmental laws and reduce agricultural pollution.

I will continue to lead efforts to protect waterways from being polluted, increase our use of renewable energy, ban plastic bags and polysterene products, ensure environmental laws are enforced and see that development and growth do not come at the expense of the environment.



Continuing to Strengthen Education

Education is a keystone to a strong economy and to healthy communities. I strongly support public education and efforts to make sure children are safe, provide more support for teachers and school professionals and improve school facilities. I have fought to increase resources for school construction in the County, including the addition for Stoneleigh Elementary School and Dumbarton Middle School. I will work for a new Towson High School to address overcrowding and provide a 21st century school.

I led efforts to create an elected Baltimore County school board. For the first time, we will elect members in order to increase accountability and transparency. I passed legislation to require the school system to establish a searchable web site to identify and track payments to outside vendors. I have advocated for an outside, independent audit of the procurement of digital devices for the time when Dr. Dance was the Superintendent.

Good teachers are essential to our system’s success. I will work to make sure that quality teachers are attracted and retained. We need to place more emphasis on schools that have lower performing students so that public education is equitable. And I will continue to push for more social workers and health care workers in all schools so that student needs can be met.



Improving Our Communities and Neighborhoods

Before being elected to the House, I helped communities and the people who live there. As a Delegate, I have tackled the foreclosure crisis, held banks accountable for blight and vacant houses, obtained resources to stimulate and support residential and commercial revitalization and supported organizations that work in our communities. As Chair of the Regional Revitalization Workgroup, I work to obtain funding for community revitalization, job development and for better transportation for people to get to jobs.

Ageing communities need added attention. I want to make sure that all schools are meeting the needs of the students. The roots of gun violence have to be addressed so that all communities are safe. We must address inadequate transportation so that people can get to work. We must provide more open space and park space. We need better housing and more housing opportunities. These are issues inside the Baltimore Beltway and across the state.



Working Together for Towson’s Future

As Towson’s elected state representative, I will work with communities to address their concerns. I have fought for funds for our schools, including West Towson, Stoneleligh and Dumbarton. I have obtained funds for Towson Manor Park, Radebaugh Park and Cromwell Valley Park and helped the Towson Chamber of Commerce obtain funds for beautification. I introduced legislation to protect roadside trees and to make roads safe for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists. I have worked with Towson University to ensure that they are good neighbors and a great community resource.

We need a plan for the Towson area so that development occurs in a reasoned way. We need more walkability and ways to connect neighborhoods to the core of Towson. Our roadways, walkways and transit need to be improved. I will work with communities in Towson, and the region, to maintain, and improve the quality of life for everyone.

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