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The 428th Session of the Maryland General Assembly is now underway. I am humbled and honored to continue serving the 42nd District as your Delegate. I am reminded daily of the rich history of our State and those dedicated legislators who served before me. I want to express my thanks and appreciation to those who have given me your support and counsel over the years.

Now, the hard work begins. During this coming session, we will face very challenging issues. First and foremost is how to maintain our quality of life and provide public safety, education and jobs. We will also scrutinize the Governor’s budget that was just presented. While Maryland is in better shape than many other states, we need to look at both the short term and long term deficits. I expect to spend a lot of time reviewing the budget to see how it impacts our goals, the needs in the district and the State’s deficit.

This will mean that everything is on the table: support for local government services, aid to education, funding for colleges and universities, health care, pensions of state employees and teachers, environmental protection and services to the poor and unemployed. The budget hearings will be long and arduous but critical to determining how and where our state’s funds should be directed.

We must also be creative and find ways to create more jobs. Is it job training, tax credits for businesses, education, new investment funds or some other approach? I know that we will consider all of these ideas and others.

We will have further debate on the death penalty, how to reduce pollution in the Bay, implementing the federal health care reforms, pension reform, civil marriage, the use of cell phones while driving, and whether to increase taxes on alcohol to meet health care needs and on gasoline consumption to fund transportation projects.

I will have legislation that addresses the continued degradation of the Bay and its tributaries, development sprawl, the selection of the Baltimore County Board of Education, housing policies and allowing wineries to sell wine at Farmers’ Markets.

It is exciting to finally see a contract awarded for the chillers at Ridgely Middle School. I will also continue to be a very vocal advocate for renovation money for Hampton Elementary School and for Stoneleigh Elementary School. We addressed the severe overcrowding in Rodgers Forge but now see the same at Hampton and Stoneleigh. There is a school planning problem as well as a funding problem. This has to stop if we are going to meet the growing needs of our communities.

I look forward to working for those who live, own businesses, work and play in the 42nd district and our state. And, I look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to contact me at:

or at 410-841-3487 to share your points of view and concerns. And, if you plan to visit Annapolis, please stop in Room 306 in the House Office Building. If you are interested in particular bills or the hearing schedule you can go to
for this information.

Best wishes to you and your family in 2011.


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