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The FACTS about Steve Lafferty's record


Dear Friends,

As your State Delegate for the last four years, I have consistently put substance before rhetoric and worked diligently on behalf of the 42nd District as an independent vote in the General Assembly.

Many of my friends and neighbors have been given false information about my record and my positions on issues that matter to all of us. Let me tell you the facts:

  • I voted FOR budgets that fully funded public education, including money for additions for Hampton and Stoneleigh schools, public safety, cleaning up of the Chesapeake Bay, putting thousands of Marylanders to work on critical infrastructure projects, and most importantly, CUT billions in planned spending.
  • I voted AGAINST increasing the corporate tax and sales tax despite pressure to do the opposite.
  • I voted FOR legislation that gives tax credits for Maryland businesses that create jobs, provides property tax relief for small businesses, and creates loan guarantees for small businesses to enable them to expand.
  • I took a VOLUNTARY PAY CUT FOR THREE STRAIGHT YEARS to help balance the budget and to stand with our state workers who have been furloughed.
  • I have not stated my support for raising ANY taxes.
  • I support pension reform for the state’s long term well-being. That is why I supported a commission to study the pension system to provide the facts we need to address this critical issue.

Thank you for taking the time to get the facts as we head into the final days before the election. I ask you to rely on my words, actions and record. I am counting on your support on Election Day. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 443-275-2102.


Steve Lafferty

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