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Dear Friend,

As you may have heard, I am resigning as a member of the Maryland House of Delegates and will be joining the administration of County Executive Johnny Olszewski as the county’s initial Chief Sustainability Officer.

Serving in the House of Delegates and representing Districts 42 and 42A have been a most incredible honor and experience. Knowing that I have had the trust and confidence of the voters in my district motivated me to work hard to best ensure that I acted responsibly, with integrity and in the best interests of all.

First, I want to thank my wonderful wife, Betsy, for her total support during the time I have been a Delegate. Thank you, too, to everyone who worked hard for my election and re-elections so that I could serve in the Maryland General Assembly. I especially want to thank the thousands of voters, supporters and community leaders who I have met and got to meet and work with during my 13 years as Delegate – and prior to my election! It has been amazing to have had such interactions and to make so many friends. Having your trust, confidence and respect means everything to me.

During my time as a member of the House of Delegates, I have committed myself to serving the needs of my constituents and communities and to furthering policies and initiatives that I believe are best for our county and state. I have been able to work with communities to address local issues, to help individual constituents resolve problems and to pass legislation that will improve and protect our environment, help consumers and improve communities throughout Maryland. I am proud of my voting record. Certainly, there have been disagreements with constituents over the years but I have always respected their opinions, been open to listening and been honest about my actions.

Now, it is time for me to undertake a new opportunity to serve Baltimore Countians. I am thrilled that the County Executive has asked me to join him in tackling the myriad issues concerning sustainability. Locally, and across the state, nation and world globe, we face huge challenges. We need to be thoughtful and creative to prevent, mitigate, adapt to and address changes as a result of climate change and its impacts. We need to be forward thinking about creating and fostering the well-being of our residents and communities. We must reexamine development, energy consumption, recycling, access to food and much more. The county government needs to address issues differently and we need, collectively, to find ways to tackle very real and local issues.

This new job will be an exciting challenge. I look forward to continuing my relationship with you, the communities that I have served and the thousands of people with whom I have worked to make Maryland an even greater place. This will require bringing people together to address the difficult issues that we face.

I sincerely thank you for your support during my amazing time as the Delegate representing Towson and many other communities.

Best wishes.


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