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The 439th session of the Maryland General Assembly is now underway. After being sworn in as a member of the House of Delegates on January 9, 2019, I was honored to second the nomination of Michael Busch to continue serving as the Speaker of the House. I am honored and humbled to have been re-elected to serve District 42A and Baltimore County. 


Annapolis is always an amazing place.  On Friday, January 11, for the first time in Maryland history, women presided over the Senate and the House at the same time!  Delegate Adrienne Jones, Speaker Pro Tem, stood in for Speaker Busch and, in the Senate, Senator Kathy KlausmeierPresident  Pro Tem, presided in Senate President Miller’s absence.  It should be noted that both women leaders are from Baltimore County!!


I will continue to serve on the Environment and Transportation Committee and have been appointed to serve as the Chair of the Environment Subcommittee.  I expect that our subcommittee will have a wide range of significant bills to review and consider this year. 


Since the end of the 2018 session, I heard a lot of concerns about the planned end to the state retirees’ prescription drug plans and required shift to Medicare Part D on January 1, 2019.  I am co-sponsoring a bill to ensure that the prescription plan remains in place for state retirees and it does not expire. 


I am working on a number of issues. My HB 1 will prevent the dredging of Man O’War shoal, which is an ancient oyster reef that is home to some oysters and is vibrant with fish, crabs and other aquatic life.   Among the bills I plan to introduce are those to: 


·        better understand and document the  enforcement of sediment and erosion control laws,  

·        address the payment of fees in lieu where a developer does not plant trees, 

·        increase the penalties for the death or serious injury of bicyclists and other vulnerable road users, 

·        create a fund for community development organizations so they can continue to serve communities, and 

·        change the process by which a minor seeks a name change 


This past Friday, the new County Executive, Johnny Olszewski, Jr., met with the County House delegation.  He presented us with an open and honest look at the county’s financial condition.  His sobering presentation about the county’s fiscal reality described the gap between revenues and expenses, the obligations and liabilities faced to fund retiree benefits, funding needed for the federal consent decree which requires the county to address sewer line failures and his desire to fulfill the commitment to school construction and renovation.  We will be working closely with the County Executive to increase state funding for school construction in the County.


I welcome your comments or questions on legislation that is before the House of Delegates. Again, this year, I am thrilled to have Marsha Tracey as my Legislative Aide. I have a new intern, Mark Cerasoli, who will provide me with important assistance.  Feel free to contact me at or at 410-841-3487.


Best wishes, 


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