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On November 11, we will celebrate Veteran's Day, a day to commemorate and honor our Veterans.  I want to share with you a program offered by Baltimore County that offers assistance to Veterans.

Happy Veteran's Day to all who have served the United States to protect our freedoms.

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Baltimore County Homefront provides case management for healthcare and housing services as well as career counseling to veterans. The work group includes representatives from Baltimore County and federal agencies, veterans organizations, community based organizations and government agencies from surrounding counties. The group meets on a regular bases to discuss housing, healthcare, advocacy, employment and benefits for veterans. Veterans are invited to attend these meetings and add vital input on policy, strategies and services.

Larry Simmons, Special Assistant to the County Executive Kevin Kamenetz and Co-Chair of the Baltimore County Homefront Work Group says “this is one of the most rewarding responsibilities I have with county government. The Homefront Work Group has so much to offer our veterans.”

Baltimore County Homefront has sponsored veterans housing and health fairs, Flag Day celebrations, and annual veterans employment fairs at the Baby Boomer-Senior Expo. The group also holds food and clothing drives for veterans as well as provides people living in homeless veteran camps with meals, clothes, and medical assistance.

Sergeant First Class Greg Wood says that “organizations like this are a godsend. It’s amazing how many military providers there are for veterans, and how expedient and eager they are to help.”

Homefront Services for veterans and their families
What can the Homefront Work Group do for a veteran or the family of a veteran? Do you need affordable housing, subsidized healthcare, or financial assistance? Have you dreamed of going to college but never had the ability to afford the tuition? Do you need help finding employment or are you looking for legal help?

Contact the Baltimore County Homefront Work Group through Maryland’s Veteran Hotline at 1-877-770-4801.
Veterans have served us well. Now it is our turn to serve them.

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