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Greetings and happy new year to you and your family. The Maryland General Assembly is now back in session for the 435th time. I am honored, and humbled by the opportunity, to serve those who live, work, go to school and visit District 42A. Since redistricting created sub-districts A and B, I want to express appreciation for the opportunity to have served the entire District 42 for the past 8 years.

As one of the oldest state legislatures in the country, we have reconvened with some huge changes.  The House of Delegates will have 60 new members out of 141. The large number of freshmen will dramatically alter committee assignments and how business is conducted. I will serve on the Environment and Transportation Committee and will chair the sub-committee on Land Use. In the Senate, 13 of the 47 will be new members, including two who are being appointed to fill vacancies.

Of course, the other big news is that Governor Larry Hogan was inaugurated last week in front of the legislature and in front of thousands of supporters and well-wishers. Maryland’s 62nd Governor has a welcome message of cooperation, collaboration and working with the legislature on the difficult issues that we face with the budget, business growth, protecting the environment and maintaining a strong education system. I look forward to seeing his agenda for Maryland.

I was disappointed that his initial budget eliminates the modest increase in state workers’ pay, has reduced education funding and fails to repay money borrowed from Program Open Space. Our state workers carry large workloads and have not had a pay increase in years. Education is the backbone of economic and individual growth. And, the POS funds are critical to the purchase and maintenance of state and county open space.

The first two weeks in Annapolis have already been full of meetings and a number of briefings. I was elected as the Chair of the Baltimore County House Delegation for this year and have been working with my colleagues to address issues that impact Baltimore County.

As always, feel free to contact me if you have questions, concerns about legislation or if there is some way in which we can assist you. I can be reached at 410-841-3487 or at

Best wishes for 2015,

Steve Lafferty

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